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Sleep right!

Sleep right!

What the heck is breastsleeping? In other words: how do babies sleep?

Up close with babies: taking short naps close to mom 

When babies sleep close to their moms, they tend to sleep more often, but in between these short naps, they often wake up. Why would that be? It’s because they spend 50% of their total sleep in 24 hours in an REM mode (rapid eye movement, meaning light sleep)

How am I to put my baby to sleep? If you want an answer to this question, just look at your baby still in your belly. You should get to know her, and her sleep patterns better!
I put her down – she cries! I pick her up – she’s so heavy! Now what the heck shall I do?

1. What do babies need?

2. How am I to satisfy these needs here and now?

We say that these are two separate issues: