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Are we passionate supporters of bedsharing? Breastfeeding? Babywearing?

Are we passionate supporters of bedsharing? Breastfeeding? Babywearing? You bet we are!

The thing is, this naive realisation didn’t suddenly dawn on us; we walked a long and winding road until we could trust ourselves; were brave enough to follow our gut instincts. We have learned a great deal along the way:  what babies, toddlers, smaller or bigger kids need, what their age-specific features are, or what they want in terms of feeding, sleeping and bodily contact. Of course, we have accumulated a lot of experience about the other approach, too: strict feeding schedule, sleeping separately from the baby and no soothing babies to sleep (especially not on the breast!).

We’ve all been there; this is where we are all coming from.

We are familiar with the stumbling blocks on both paths because we have travelled both, and have tripped in all the blocks on the way. But we are also aware that it is easier to stand up when holding on to a helping hand. We have been working towards the same goal: to put all our experience - both success stories and failures – to your service.We have a collective and individual responsibility because we believe that happy babies will make balanced families, and they will in turn help build a more tolerant society. By changing the small units, we can perhaps alter the bigger image which we would not otherwise be able to influence.

Does this mean that you have to follow our advice? 
Of course, not!

The fact that we know a lot about babies’ age-specific features does not mean that we would know for sure what the best way forward for every family might be. It is not our mission to talk every mom into bedsharing, breastfeeding or babywearing. We know from experience that some babies simply don’t like being in a carrier – we have learnt humility from our own children; and for some mothers babywearing is not an option – we have learnt servility from our own body. It would never occur to us to judge a mother who stops breastfeeding , because we have met many families, heard many stories, seen lots of difficult or even desperate situations. We are keenly aware that we all want the best for our children when making decisions.

Our mission is to provide you with ideas and offer you a platform where you can consider different options before making an informed decision. What we are striving to do is help you realise what choices you may have, and how to combat the shadows that seem like formidable obstacles.

Whether you chose bedsharing or not, breastfeeding or not, babywearing or not, we have only one task: to support you with the decision you make.

A long time ago, it was much easier for women to share their knowledge. But in those times it might also have been easier to get help and support, and mothers did not need to sink into a bottomless murky pond – i.e. the Internet - to find valuable pieces of information. But at the end of the day, you are the only one who can walk down your own path of life. What you should remember is though that you are not alone: put the knowledge we offer you at a test!