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Hordozóház in English

What is the Hordozóház?

It's a charming spot nestled in Budapest, Hungary, where, during our opening hours, you will always find a babywearing consultant who has an eye on breastfeeding, babies' sleeping and eating needs, and their movement development too.

You don't speak Hungarian?

Don't worry, everyone speaks English here! And more, Lenke speaks Romanian and some French, Ági speaks German, Judit is fluent in Spanish, Szandi can help you with baby's sleeping advice in French...


Sling/Carrier Library

You'll have access to one of Europe's largest sling/carrier libraries, ensuring you find the perfect fit.


And more...

Everything you need is at your fingertips for a calm, safe, and enjoyable visit: a cozy space for babies and toddlers, a washroom, a tea and coffee corner, food heating facilities, a magnetic wall for older children, a thoughtfully curated selection of toys, nursing pillows, bean bags, armchairs, and more.

You can also dive into our library of over 200 books - many in English -, whether you want to read on-site or borrow for later.

Even if you're simply seeking a tranquil space to rest or attend to your child, you're welcome here.

Access is easy with a pram – twin prams too! Plus, the tram stop is just a stone's throw away, making it convenient for parents with toddlers or those advanced in pregnancy.